If you want to learn how to Show Up in your life. This practice is It! The Impact is Potent.

About Mariska Cowie Yoga

Welcome! I am glad you stopped by to find out more about learning yoga with me. Do you feel like your body doesn’t function the way it used to but your mind is way overloaded? Do you need to calm down but also get more physically fit?

Here is where I come in. I serve as a tour guide for you to travel through your body and discover the places that you feel stagnant in and need an energy boost or a clear-out of tension. My classes are designed to awaken and educate your body by moving dynamically through your full range of motion with your attention on your breath. You do not have to be flexible to practice. You just need to be willing to be mindful.

This physical practice of yoga is mind training. It is a delicious slow medicine for the soul. It is intelligence for the body. It is for every body.

I believe we are made to celebrate being embodied creatures and connect to who we really are in this temporary life. Moving rhythmically with the breath makes many subtle and powerful shifts from the inside out.